Three things a man fuck pussy often lying"

Researcher Alfred Kinsey (USA) is the open division of the modern sexual research have developed that: there are three things "lying" in men, one is about the size of two is about the frequency, three are on time.
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The things you said or "tell"

In the meetings with friends, men of science and doctors often receive many jokes from acquaintances, friends: "He has a way of making me weak fade?" But that's not so true .... Have fun story is a 45 year old husband tell with friends he could "for Mainland Affairs Banquet" (a night of sex with my wife six times), new friends to ask his wife how to be real learning experiences. His wife said: "Yes, the truth is also a night, while the other five times he's dreaming."

On a live radio programme about sexual health have expert faculty to join South. A guy calls on radio waves, confided: "one day I at least 3-4 times and relations 40 minutes to an hour."

Three things men often lie in the "stiff"

Dr Nguyen the Luong-South learning specialist-BV Kidneys Hanoi

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South school computer professionals each day that boys take about 3 -4 hours to work. Even up the airwaves that many guys are still so innocent so the excess tea liquor late then again as "porous to ya". When experts ask: "What are you doing daily work? Guy said: "Not only play with you every day."

Everyone feel free to comment on Facebook or in the excess tea liquor, the more you "blast" of his tens of cm, but in fact, there are 11 cm, circumference 6 cm, 6, that's when diamonds much smaller then normal also. "-DR. Liang said.

BS. Nguyen the Luong (Southern learning specialist-BV Kidneys Hanoi) said that not only the Vietnam men that men in this world are. From the mid-20th century, Alfred Kinsey, who opened the modern sexual research subjects have the casting out that: there are three things "lying" in men, one is about the size of two is about the frequency, three are on time.

Why men do not speak the truth in love?

"With the gentleman never received real answers three problems. With 3 this then the men never tell the truth. Can only meet his wife and the love of friend or they know exactly.

Why study of study should study in pairs is therefore, if not of man is hard to find out the truth about it. " -BS. Nguyen the Luong share.

Even in scientific research have also held the debate in the Conference on sex between the school and the French school of Brazin just because of the size. Both schools of thought to her but when the check is different thing. 

According To DR. Nguyen the Luong: "time has many relations he frequently flashed with friends is time 45 minutes or hours. But the world of research, the average time for a "my love" only 5 minutes, 5 seconds is good. The actual time remaining from when to when penetration reaches no more pleasure. "

With men, you don't ever think you can hear things like: "I do not eat anything", "I was only 1 min" or "all week I do it 1 time". Men don't like to mention his failure to anyone by that can squeeze their ego crushed.

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