New test helps detect rusty trombone hidden HIV

Public health University of Pittsburg, United States of America is a method of detecting HIV hibernates in asymptomatic patients, an important step to finding treatments for viruses.
New test helps detect hidden HIV
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In testing, the tests detect potentially TZA fold 70 times the amount of the HIV virus. The study was posted on the Nature Medicine. HIV is spread throughout the body by invading CD4 + T cells, often called T cells (leukemia cells).

Currently, treatment of drug resistance retrovirus can control HIV in the active cell. But even discovered the HIV virus, amount of load Hibernate can still hide in the leukemia cells.
In the fall of last year, a team in the UK has declared a drug can withdraw the HIV from the inactive cells and activates the immune system against HIV-infected cells. But before medications, Mr. Gupta (University of Pittsburg) explains the need to have a quantitative HIV testing and implicitly the ability of the virus to multiply.

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Safe  when both were HIV
Completely wrong. Just because you and your lover with HIV, does not mean that you should forget the protection when having. Use a condom or other safety measures can help protect you from sexually transmitted diseases as well as other strains of HIV, HIV drug resistance may be. Even if you are being treated and feel good, you can still infect others.
You can still have kids though you positive for HIV
Absolutely right. Mothers infected with HIV can actually spread the HIV transmission to babies during pregnancy or childbirth. However, you can reduce this risk by going to see the doctor and get the care and medication. Pregnant women with HIV can use medications to treat their infection and to help protect the baby against the virus.
You can not avoid other infections related to HIV
Due to a weakened immune system, HIV-infected people could be vulnerable to infections such as pneumonia due to bronchitis, tuberculosis, candidiasis, cytomegalovirus and toxoplasmosis. The best way to reduce risk is to use your HIV medications. Some infections can be prevented by drugs. You can reduce your exposure to certain germs by avoiding meat, trash, and water may be contaminated.

You can't get the drugs save lives without insurance
Has the program of Government, non-profit organizations and a number of pharmaceutical companies can help cover the cost of drugs for HIV/AIDS. But please note: These cocktail "drugs" this can cost 20,000 dollars a year or more. Come meet HIV/AIDS service organizations to learn about financial aid.

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