General "Three:" I dare not say, uk escort porn I want to ask

"The secret things, this is why I have many questions to ask who dare not answer. Dr. Lara Berman said the experts to answer here, the most common problem, a lot of sisters.

1. My  life is normal?

Most people (especially women), they think they want something in my bedroom is usually eccentric, extraordinary and not love people.
As a matter of fact? The answer h動漫 is: This is completely normal. If you are safe, do not hurt anyone, no reason to fear the worst thing you want to do a "partner" in the bedroom.
He asked

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2." "This should be how the frequency happening?

Many people think that there is a frequency as the "thing", but in fact it is not. You can do "goods" or a 2 times / week / month or 1 times per month The frequency dependence of the "conditions" of life, health and the desire of people. As long as you feel happy, satisfied, "how many times" is not too important a week.
He asked
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3. I don't have too much desire, why?

The lack of sexual problems is a common for women's age and experience changes in hormone of menopause. But this situation may occur at any age. The change of hormone concentration is caused by the pressure, excessive tension, with a kind of medicine, poor health and lack of sleep...... Can cause changes in hormones.
If you lose interest, we need to know is to check the reason is from the habit of daily life or not. If not, please go to see the doctor.

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