7 things you must clean emo lesbians every day, if not pick the body disease

Everyone liked a house clean, neat but not everyone has the time to clean the house every day. You know what, toilets, tables and chairs can palm a few days time, but there are things you should pay hardcore xxx special attention, more attention, forced to clean every day. Is a day that sister. 

That is the 7 th - 7 items that you regularly for several weeks, sometimes even months to clean them one time. 

Cleaning pads

Pads sink is the dirtiest object in every home kitchen. We often use them to wash dishes, cutting boards, pots ... The best way to clean is to use cleaning pads microwave. Simple, just for clean water washing off excess soap and placed in the microwave oven at the lowest level, in the period from 1 to 2 minutes. Note to monitor the microwave and turned off immediately if you see smoke coming, and if there are metal cleaning pads, you can not use this method. 


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You think after you wash your hands, wash dishes, it will also clean under the sink? But wrong. In fact, there are so many germs, bacteria remains on the surface of the sink, requires careful scouring new is clean. 


At the end of each day, when no longer in use cutting boards, you should soak in the aqueous cutting board and vinegar (1: 1). This will help kill bacteria and fungi on the surface of the cutting board. Additionally, you can also mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda to half a liter of hot water and soak for about 5 minutes cutting board. After that, clean it with clean water. 
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Tools for makeup 

7 things you must clean every day, if not in body disease procession - Image 7.
Use brush, sponge for a long time without washing is an easy way for you to put bacteria on the skin. That is why the foam wash, makeup brushes after each use with warm soapy water is extremely important.

Kitchen towels 


The cloths used in the kitchen such as hand towels, tea towels, wipe the table ... must be washed clean every day. Many recent studies have shown that the main constraints are one of the dirty things, the most contaminated in the kitchen. So, if you use towels more than one day, it will be extremely dirty. That's why you should wash, replace towels every day if the family has many members, or 2 days 1 times. 


7 things you must clean every day, if not in body disease procession - Photo 2. 
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The key has multiple dwelling bacteria than the elevator buttons. Almost no one thought about the key to clean, although sometimes we hold the key up with dirty hands. They are also stored in the bags dirty, sometimes fall on the floor. The result was millions of infectious bacteria will enter the house through the key. That's why you have to clean, disinfect key every day. 

Bathroom wall 

To simplify cleaning procedures bathroom wall, you should use the following wall wipes each shower. Always keep a dry bath will help prevent bacteria, mold development. 


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