The striking comparison made between batman porn Lionel Messi Dani Alves and Paulo Dybala

The Brazilian spoke wonders of the Argentines, who knows for sharing computer

Extroverted as shown in social networks, Dani Alves had no difficulty in seeing the greatness of two Argentines who were amateur orgy able to bokep jav settle in world football elite. "Sometimes I think life is like a circle. Look, I could not rid myself of these Argentineans. In the club had to Messi and now Juve have to Dybala. I swear that geniuses follow me everywhere , " said the Brazilian in an interview.
His sentences, a few hours out to play the final of the Champions League, were published by the American site The Players' Tribune and had much impact in Europe.

Good relationship with the Cordovan in Italy, the Bahian side revealed: .. "One day in training I saw something in Dybala I had seen in Messi was not just pure talent, that I've seen it many times in my life was the pure combined with the will to conquer the world "talent.

Part of the heart of Alves continues in Barcelona, where he made many friends, including the Argentine captain. "In a practice with Barca, Messi was doing things with the ball at his feet that defied logic, which made every day. Dodging defenders and finished the move as a murderer. When passed next to me I thought it was a joke something impossible ... but I was right:! had two untied shoelaces , "he recalled.

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Brazil selected 34 can conquer his title number 35 if Juve beats Real Madrid in Cardiff and the final of the Champions League also referred: "Winning is not just a goal but an obsession No excuses." . Meanwhile, he predicted: " It will be a rival who is familiar As always, I will study Cristiano Ronaldo like a freak.".

Finally, Dani Alves denied that want to demonstrate to leaders Barcelona who were wrong to let it go and made the difference between jav sex your current and past team. "In the club played memory, Juve is different is our collective mentality which led us to the end. "

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