a whole week was showered with bathroom cold water and these changes were noticed


Patrick Huguenin journalist showered with ice water after 7 days to determine whether they were certain benefits. The surprising impact it had on their daily performance

University of Virginia found in recent research that a bath with cold water has many benefits: active nervous system, increases the level of norepinephrine in the brain, responsible for maintaining a state of motivation and alert, and functions as a product antidepressant "little electroshock".

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Beyond the advantages, most use a hot shower, especially in winter when the low temperature water becomes an ordeal. Patrick jav Huguenin, Men's Health reporter planned to abandon their habits and shower for 7 days with ice water .

The reporter commented that, for the challenge, was motivated by an old premise that held his grandfather. Always very attached to their cold showers, he assured them that seasonal diseases prevented by forming a "freeze frame". So it was that a week endured the cold on his back.
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Huguenin said that the most difficult was the initial reaction, collide against the first icy water, but 30 seconds, you get used and can enjoy the bath. "We had cooler to make sure I was not cheating and even with that I ended up getting used , " he said. After three days, the shower was not suffering. It became, for him, a pleasant time as it had always been.

"Prolonged water, especially hot water shower exposure, you can remove the skin essential oils, causing irritation and dryness" said Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. The journalist knew, but I did not expect was that cold water will help keep your hands less dry.


The cold shower also affected more productive in the morning. " It's not torture, but do not feel the need to hang out there." In addition to being shorter and not waste time, she helped him awake and face the day with a different attitude. "I did not realize how efficient it was all until I was dressed and drinking coffee only 20 minutes after getting out of bed. Then with my time, I ate a good breakfast and read the news."

After training, Huguenin found it was a way to feel cool faster and stop post-exercise sweat; One advantage of the hot shower. In turn, the biggest concern I had was losing the ideas that flit in the head during the stay underwater. However, it was not. "I did not lose my thoughts shower and coffee were much more productive. Even I had while I was shaving or at any other time of reflection" , he said .

In conclusion he emphasized: "The hd jav challenge was worth it " . He recommended that, unless a cold is crossed, the option of lowering the water temperature a few degrees at least be considered.


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